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." Notes on info .TH info pj "14 September 2006" .SH NAME info .SH "BASIC NAVIGATION" .IP n next node at same level .IP p previous node at same level .IP u up one level .IP ] next node in tree .IP [ previous node in tree .IP l last node visited

.SH "MORE NAVIGATION" .IP down one screen or ] .IP up one screen [ .IP -l refresh screen .IP b beginning of the node .IP "m " go to that topic in the menu .IP "f " follow that crossreference .IP f? show all the crossreferences .IP -g erase/cancel command mode

.SH "NAVIGATION HELPERS" .IP i index of the topic .IP s search the whole topic .IP t top of the topic .IP d directory (info's default page) .PP


.SH AUTHOR Paul Jungwirth .SH COPYRIGHT Copyright (co 2006 Paul Jungwirth  


Paul A. Jungwirth.




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