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.dvi device independent file, latex's output .log latex's log file .aux helper file for e.g. sectioning

latex - convert a .tex file to a .dvi file xdvi - view a .dvi file pdflatex - convert a .tex file to a .pdf file dvipdf - convert a .dvi file to a .pdf file

texdoc -l list documentation on installed tex packages texdoc view tex documentation for package

Package search:


mktexpk mktexfm kpathsea

texhash - update the ls-R file to notice new files in the texmf tree.

web2c.dvi - manual about environment variables and search paths?? tds.dvi - describes a tex tree texmf.cnf - set up tex variables? TEXMF={A,B,C} # where A, B, and C are tex trees TEXMFCNF - the location of a texmf.cnf file

~/.bashrc: export TEXMF=`{~/texmf,!!$TEXMFLOCAL:!!$TEXMFMAIN}'


~/.bashrc: export TEXMFCNF=$HOME/etc/texmf.cnf ~/etc/texmf.cnf: TEXMF = {~/texmf,!!$TEXMFLOCAL!!$TEXMFMAIN}

texconfig dvips paper letter texconfig xdvi us

Installing hyphenation patterns:

GRAhyph4.tex has hyphenation patterns for ancient Greek. GRPhyph4.tex has hyphenation patterns for modern, polytonic Greek.

Copy these files to texmf/tex/generic/hyphen/.

Now add these lines to texmf/tex/generic/config/language.dat:

greek GRAhyph4.tex polutonikogreek GRPhyph4.tex

Rebuild the ls-R database. Cd to texmf and run mktexlsr.

Finally, go to texmf/web2c and run this command to rebuild the latex.fmt file:

initex latex.ltx

Word Count:

It is very hard to get a word count for a latex document. See here:

The detex x.tex | wc -w approach is known to produce invalid results.

Possibly correct (untested by me) is ps2ascii | wc -w.

The poster suggests opening the file in Acrobat, setting the preferences to display continuous (instead of one page), copying the whole thing, then typing pbpaste | wc -w. This will count page numbers as words, but you can just subtract one for each page in the document.

It seems that whatever approach you use, you could write a quick script for it.

% Use one of these in the preamble, and use them again throughout the document if you want to change:

Use and when braces would otherwise become unmatched, e.g.:

\newenvironment{boxthis} { }  


Paul A. Jungwirth.




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