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Updated: 2022-02-24
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To get the full xml for a given time-series:

rrdtool dump /var/lib/munin/tal/tal-sensors_temp-temp1-g.rrd

There are lots of series in there, starting with shorter with finest resolution, then longer with coarser resolution. Look at pdp_per_row. When it's 1, that's the finest resolution (samples 5 minutes apart for munin).

At each resolution there are separate series for cf (consolidation function) values of AVERAGE, MIN, and MAX.

To query a series you can say:

rrdtool fetch /var/lib/munin/tal/tal-sensors_temp-temp1-g.rrd -s -2h AVERAGE

That asks for the average values starting from (-s) two hours before now (-2h). The -s option also takes a plain int for seconds-since-the-epoch.  


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