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State Tax Comparison

The table below reports various taxes for each state in America, based on your income, the value of your home, and other variables. You can use the controls to set these numbers how you like, and the tax table will re-sort. Taxes include income tax, sales tax, property tax, and gas tax. Most columns give both the tax paid in dollars and the tax rate. When tax brackets apply, the marginal rate for your situation is shown. For gas, the second number is the tax per gallon.

Please be aware that all numbers are approximations and will not equal your actual taxes! Certain states in particular may be distorted because of how deductions gradually phase out or other tax law arcana.

All data is for 2010, except property taxes, which use 2008 data. Most raw data comes from the Tax Foundation and American Petroleum Institute:

Income Tax: Numbers do not include tax on interest, dividends, or capital gains, so if much of your income comes from these sources, your tax rate may be higher. Numbers do include a rough estimate of your federal income tax deduction in those states that support it. In states marked with an asterisk (*), additional municipal and/or regional income taxes may apply.

Sales Tax: Items subject to sales tax differ state by state. This calculator ignores most of those differences, but it does discriminate between non-food expenses and food, which is taxed by some states and not others. In addition, in states marked with a dagger (†), additional municipal and regional sales taxes may apply. In states marked with a double dagger (‡), certain items may be taxed at a higher rate, sometimes substantially so.

Property Tax: Since property taxes vary within each state, this table uses the state median value. Your property taxes may be significantly higher depending on city, country, or region. Another caveat with property taxes is that the cost of a home varies in each state. Because the same home could have a higher price in one state than another, it would also have higher property taxes. This table assumes you spend the same amount on a home regardless of state.

State Rank Total Annual Tax Income Tax Sales Tax Property Tax Gas Tax
1 1 1 1 1 1 1
2 2 2 2 2 2 2

Although I've made an effort to verify all numbers, errors may still exist. If you find any, I'd be happy to correct them. Please leave your feedback in the comments for the blog post.