No luck trying out Scala


I’ve been reading about Scala for a while now. I think as Oracle kills off Java, this language will become more and more popular. I started reading Programming in Scala this evening, and I installed the JDK (so to speak) on Cygwin. Sadly scala uses a java-based readline library call jline, which has lots of trouble under Cygwin. Firing up the interactive scala shell, I got this:

$ scala
 Welcome to Scala version (Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM, Java
 Type in expressions to have them evaluated.
 Type :help for more information.

 scala> 1+2
 res0: Int = 12

At first I thought scala was treating the plus as an append rather than an add, then somehow converting the string back into an int. But it looks like jline is just throwing away the + so the scala parser only receives “12.” Here is my bug ticket.

I really want to like scala, but it looks like it needs a lot more work. Hopefully as it gets more attention people will start fixing issues like this one.

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